Video On Demand (VOD)

Video On Demand (VOD), which can consist of instant downloads or digital streaming, is the preferred method of delivery for many of today’s buyers of intellectual property (IP). SF Global Sourcing, using IntelliVideo’s platform, can now put you into business selling VOD of your IP with a few simple clicks. The benefits are enormous:
  • Creates Instant Revenue: VOD allows consumers to get the content they want, and enjoy it immediately. The result: an immediate revenue stream that increases overall ROI and close rates.
  • Actionable Analytics: With VOD a marketer can take advantage of powerful analytics that can help optimize content and boost sales. Marketers can use preference data to remarket to specific customers with messages and offers that align with individual preferences, providing true micro-targeted marketing.
  • Powerful Content Management: With intellectual property in the cloud, marketers now have unparalleled ability to store, transcode, deliver, and most importantly sell their content on the web. Customers enjoy the benefit of being able to access the content they want on the device of their choosing, with the content optimized to look great on all screens and operating systems.
  • Private Label Online Storefront: Marketers can brand their online storefront, which acts as a walled garden so a customer can complete their purchase on your site. By contrast, in a broader marketplace, offers from competitors can easily divert prospects.
Setting up your VOD content has never been easier. Let our proprietary platform be your single source for digital content delivery by contact us today at 1.855.SFGLOBAL.